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How to Embrace Curveballs & Changes in Life

I’m not the same girl…2018 changed me. For the first time in my life, I gave myself permission to put myself first. And I learned how to embrace the curveballs and changes in my life. I admit that I wasn’t always on my a-game with my brands and businesses. Or present for everyone and their needs. But that’s because I was being kind to myself. 

 The truth is that life will throw you curveballs sooner or later. And at times it will suck.

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I'm in love with my sexuality: What it's like being a modern day sexual woman

Sexual women do exist and that doesn’t make them any different or unworthy of acceptance and belonging –respect! Gents, sexual talk is important and crucial to women’s wellness. And just like it’s okay for you to talk about sex and want it, women are allowed to talk about it and want it too without feeling shame. Ladies, it's time to embrace your sexuality and not feel ashamed about it.

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