The Perfection Syndrome: Daily reminders to overcome the pressure of perfection

I admit that I struggled to write this post, mostly because my mind has been elsewhere these days. But for someone who’s an open book, authentic and not scared to be vulnerable both online and offline, I too sometimes struggle to overcome the pressure of perfection. Striving to be the best and living up to society’s expectations. 

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And just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Internet is filled with articles on how to be perfect. How to be perfect as possible, how to be the perfect girl, how to be the perfect wife, how to be the perfect size… the perfection syndrome–and it’s f*cking exhausting!

Now, more than ever, perfection, or what society believes to be perfect has been heightened by social media. The pressure to be successful, powerful, make money, look flawless, get validation (likes) on social media, and the list goes on. The impact of all this pressure is taking a toll on women’s mental health and wellbeing. We have to take a firm grip on reality.

Reality isn’t perfect. We are not perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist. So maybe it’s time we stopped striving for perfection and embrace who we really are and what we have now.

I’ve put this list of reminders together to help us overcome the pressure of perfection. Make a mental note or print it and display it. If you love this post, please share it with other women.

Reminders to overcome the pressure of perfection:

1. It’s okay to be imperfect, but still worthy of love and belonging   

2. Mistakes have the power to turn me into something better than I was before 

3. The happier I am, the more beautiful I feel 

4. I trust the process, surrender and go with the flow 

5. I don’t feel guilty for setting boundaries and putting myself first

6. I will live in the present and not worry about the future

7. I’m compassionate with others, and myself, because no one is perfect

8. Failures are valuable lessons and a chance to get it right

9. Instead of making excuses, I will take action every day

10. Sometimes I just have to laugh at my problems, knowing it’s not the end of the world

11.  I’m old enough to buy wine

Cheers to being perfectly imperfect! 

xoxo, Nat