How to Write for Self-Healing

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.” ~Brene Brown

If you’ve come to this post, you are probably experiencing something tough in your life and can relate. Writing this post wasn’t easy for me for several reasons. For starters, I sometimes find it hard to be vulnerable and reveal to the world what I keep hidden. Revealing my authentic self can mean that I can be misunderstood, judged or rejected.

I consider myself a survivor of adversity and someone who despite her past tries to always stay positive (mostly for others). But guess what? Even the strong fall down. Yes, by now you would think that I’ve built a high tolerance for dealing with tough and personal situations, but I haven’t. As much as I would love to change to protect my feelings, I just can’t change who I really am - highly-sensitive and generous with a big heart.

Last week, I was knocked down with depression and anxiety. The kind of depression and anxiety that sucks the energy out of you and makes your mind foggy. The truth is that family has always been the root of my stress and heartache. So after a recent family event, I fell into a paralyzing state of depression and anxiety. It impacted my productivity, sleep, eating, physical activity, to name a few. The woman who’s usually energetic and positive disappeared.

Thankfully, I have an amazing support system. As always, my husband was extremely supportive, patient and understanding. A good support system and a driven entrepreneur who has so many great things going for her, why am I continuing to allow people who do so little for me influence my energy and everything around me? I don’t have that answer. I do, however, know that I need to do something about it if I plan to move forward in the direction I deserve.

I deserve peace and happiness, but for some of my family members, I’m just a catch-all for anger and self-entitlement. No matter what I’ve been through or how hard I have struggled to get to where I am, they continue to bring their negative and jealous energy into my life. Sadly, I’m at fault for allowing their actions to impact me and everything around me. You see, I have my own battles to deal with (we all do) and amazing things that I’m working on, such as: me, my marriage and businesses.

So to everyone reading this who can relate to being knocked down, you are not alone. Life is not perfect. We shouldn’t be ashamed to say that we are dealing with stuff and can’t be there for everything and everyone. We certainly shouldn’t be defined by our darkest moments. Instead, we should use them to better ourselves and help others. I find that by helping others, it makes me feel better. Helping others has become my life purpose, which is what I’m trying to do with Wine With Nat.

I wrote this post for self-therapy and to inspire others to talk about subjects like this (you’ll feel better). In the end, things always work out, so we shouldn’t hold onto bad energy. It's just another obstacle holding us back. I, for one, have so many exciting things in the works, and I'm going to get them done because that is what entrepreneurs do best. Work is what I hold together pretty well. It’s also my happy place.

I welcome your thoughts on this post and look forward to opening the dialogue for subjects like this. As one of my favorite wine quotes says, "Wine a little, you'll feel better."