How to Remember Lost Loved Ones During the Holidays

I miss my mom every day, but I especially miss her during the holidays. In this video, I share ways that I keep my mom's memory alive during the Holidays. Hope they will help you keep your loved ones present during the Holidays too.

Video Transcript

Note: please excuse any grammatical errors.

Welcome to Wine with Nat. Today, we are talking about remembering loved ones during the holidays.

Losing a loved one is never easy and I can't say that it gets quite easier during this time of year.  I, for one, miss my mom a lot during the holiday season. She was so big on Christmas, Noche Buena and decorating. She had this beautiful lighted village around the Christmas tree every year. Decorations that were collected over time when she was young. It was a time of family gatherings. Black Friday shopping early in the morning.

It was just that time where my mom was so happy and she loved the holiday season. So, it really brings back a lot of great memories for me.

But it's also difficult because while she is with me in spirit, she is not present. There is moments that I get emotional and I stay away from Black Friday. I wish I still held on to a lot of her Christmas items. But unfortunately, they are with a family member.

I wanted to share a lot of ways that help me keep my mom's memory alive during this time of year which is really special for her and things that helped lift my spirits when I am getting down that she is not around.

I think we all know that our loved ones belongings become treasures that we treasure for a lifetime.

Right behind me, I have her Paddington Stuffed Bear which is always displayed during the holiday season. She loved Paddington. He is always out and super cute.

I have a lot of her ornaments that I put up in the Christmas tree every year. Here is one that she made when she was younger. Some of her older little cute decorations that I put up and I’ve collected a few new ones over the years with her name and so she feels like she is included because I know she is with me in spirit every year in my house and in everything that I do.

Another way that I keep her memory alive is I like to pull out old childhood videos during this time of year and watch it with my husband. He loves them. It feels like she is there – her smile, her laugh and just the really warm and fuzzy feeling. She is really present when we are watching those videos. That is another thing you can do.

Another thing you can do is give off your time to a local organization that was either near to them or near and dear to you. I believe that giving back whether it is through an organization or even handing a blanket to a homeless person or leftover food from a holiday gathering to a homeless person just lifts the soul. Lifting the soul makes those times when we are really missing them just be a lot easier. That is another thing I recommend.

And I know it sounds a little crazy but during your holiday gatherings, Noche Buena, Christmas or whatever it is, maybe set up a plate aside for them. For some people that may sound weird. But again, I believe they are with us in spirit and looking down on us and I am sure that makes them feel special like we haven't forgotten them. That is another thing you can do.

I like to give gifts during this time of year that remind me of my mom. If you see something that they may have liked, gift it to yourself or you can give it to someone special that also misses them as well. Maybe a framed picture of them.

Last Christmas, I actually made a scrapbook for my younger brother, a beautiful scrapbook that took me weeks to make. I am not into the whole scrapbooking business but it came out really nice.

During that time, leading up to Christmas it just brought back so many good childhood memories. Just seeing those pictures that we kind of never pull out all the time and it felt good. It felt good to give it to my younger brother so he too can open it when he is missing my mom and just get a flashback of all our good childhood memories.

There's really a lot of things you can do. You can even visit places that they love during this time. I may visit a local park that she loved, where santa is at, the Christmas lights. You know, just being in that moment will bring back a lot of great memories and just lift my soul.

There's so many things you can do. I think it's what you feel comfortable with. What makes you feel happy when you are feeling down and missing that love one but it's very important and I hope this video inspires you to keep their memory alive.

It's easy to get in a funk, get emotional, kind of distance ourselves from all the great things that happen during the holiday season. Truthfully, they deserve for us to keep their memory alive.

By doing all these things we keep them present in spirit and that is special on its own and this video alone that I am doing is for you guys, to inspire you guys. But it's also is for my mother because not a day goes by and not a milestone goes by that I don't miss her. But it's really during this time that I really wish I had her present.

So, mom if you are hearing this, I love you. Bye, guys. Thank you for being here.