How to Bounce Back after Getting Fired or Laid off

I had the pleasure of sitting down with my neighbor and dear friend, Betsy LaChance to talk about our experience with getting fired. In this video, we discuss finding happiness and staying positive after getting fired or laid off.

Hope this video inspires you to bounce back after getting fired or laid off.

Video Transcript 

Note: please excuse any grammatical errors.

Nat: Hi, guys. Today, I have my neighbor and dear friend, Betsy La Chance. I couldn't think of a better person to do my first interview with. She's become a dear friend. She is a woman of faith and she is filled with wisdom.

I am hoping today that you will be able to learn a lot about what she's been through. I think she can give you a lot of advice and insight on this topic, which is, getting fired but finding dignity after being fired.

Betsy knows that back in 2013, I decided to close my company NAT-PR, a boutique public relations and events firm to take an opportunity with a local brand, actually national brand. In a matter of a few months, I was actually let go. I was fired.

It was during a very stressful time in my life. I had to close my company. I had gotten married. My husband and I had taken a honeymoon. When I returned from that honeymoon, I was let go. I think what made it more difficult to deal with was my husband was laid off from his job of over 18 years a few weeks after.

Yes, I went through a spiral of depression. I lost a lot of dignity. I just questioned everything about my career. Was I good enough in the career that I was in and it was a very tough thing to handle. I do know that I was probably let go because I didn't have any chemistry with my boss. I had a conversation with him; I thought it was the right thing to do as to why I just felt so uncomfortable around him. Why I felt like I was walking on eggshells. I didn't feel that he was happy with any of the work that I was doing. I felt that the right thing to do was to have that conversation.

Well, truthly, I don't think he handled that conversation very well. Sure enough, I got back from my honeymoon and I was fired. Betsy is here today because Betsy was actually fired from her job and I would like her to talk a little bit about that. But the way that she handled it is just inspirational and I think something that we can all learn from. So Betsy?

Betsy:  Hi, I am Betsy and let me tell you I am 79 years old young.

Nat: Yes, she is 79 and she looks absolutely amazing.

Betsy: Right. Let me tell you, well, it takes me 5 hours to paint this on. Trust me.

No, but you know, I am very blessed. I want you all ladies to know that if anything devastating happens to you. I am a Christian so I stand on the word and read the word. I realized that God allows everything that happens to us for a purpose. The purpose is to move us forward because he has a better plan for all of us in life and we have to acknowledge that.

Troubles only are temporary in life. They are only temporary. This too shall pass. It goes through us. It’s how we deal with it and not to have a pity party.

I was with the firm twelve and a half years. I am in law  and they fired me. But I've been 40 years working for many, many attorneys and prominent people. But you know, I was never saddened.

In fact, they fired me in a restaurant. They fired me in a restaurant and I sat there and heard people saying, "Who," not my words. "Who was this beautiful lady in this gorgeous suit walking in here?"

My boss said meet him in a restaurant. When I got there, the office manager, who never said good morning to me and I was the office manager for seven years prior to her taking that job as the office manager. Nobody said good morning, go to hell, nothing. I just looked at them and my boss said, "We need a bigger table."

We go up there and all these people that were talking and they are looking at me and saying, I could hear them saying, "Look at that suit. Who are these people?" My boss said, he said, "How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of the office manager's office?" You know, the HR manager. She never said good morning to me and I never did.

Guess what? I said, "Tell me what I did?" He said, "You know I am not going to tell you." Well, P.S. It went that way. But I said there when I was sitting there I said, "Lord, you placed the table before me in the presence of my enemies. My cups running over." That is what I said and I was the happiest lady.

Being there twelve and a half years, I was so happy. Ladies, let me give you that. Let me give you that strength to say what anything that happens to you, the Lord has allow it to promote you and bless you further in life. That is the best thing I can tell you. That is the best thing.

Nat: Betsy was let go after she witnessed something that wasn't right in her workplace and she brought that up. She was fired in a restaurant full of people but whether you are a woman of faith or not, we have to know that everything happens for a reason.

Betsy: Right.

Nat: It ends up being better for us. We learn from it. We grow from it. I guess, Betsy, so you can tell the viewers. Do you feel that we should— whether you've been through this or maybe you haven't been through this but maybe it's something that unfortunately you will experience in your career because I truly believe that being let go, whether it's being fired or laid off is just a fact of the working world for all working women. Do you believe that it is something that we should talk about?

Betsy: Well, I think so most but the— I've read a lot about it and most of the ladies who are so sharp, most of the ladies say that they have been fired at least six to seven times in their life but they have used that as a stepping stone to move them on to a better place. They say that they learned from all of that.

I think that we have to stand on that, to be strong in those challenging times. And know that something better God has in stored for all of us and I believe that.

Nat: You mentioned something earlier that I think the viewer should hear about. You know, about being special, being extraordinary. 

Betsy: Yes. I said, "People do not criticize ordinary people. They only criticize extraordinary people." Remember, if anything happens to you like that. If that is so, challenge it. Remember, you are extraordinary and God is going to move you. He is going to bless you beyond whatever you can think, dream or imagine in his precious name.

Nat: Thank you Betsy. She is wonderful and she is all mine. So let's cheers to...

Betsy: Praise the Lord.

Nat: ...getting fired and opening doors for better opportunities and being women of faith. Thank you for being here.

Again, whether you've been fired or ever have to go through this, you are not alone. I think all of us special women can really get through this.

Betsy: Amen. Praise the Lord.

Nat:  Bye.