2013 Coastline Cabernet Sauvignon

2013 Coastline Cabernet Sauvignon

Price Range: $10-$12

If you’re looking for the winedown on Coastline Cabernet, you’ve come to the right place. I, for one, enjoyed this red wine very much (and will be enjoying it again). This Cabernet is from the Central Coast of California, one of the State’s premier wine regions, with a rich diversity of grape varieties and hundreds of wineries. This is where the majority of Californian wines are produced. I have yet to visit California, but it’s on my bucket list.

An approachable soft red, dark reddish in color, this Cabernet has aromas and flavors of black currant, spiced plums, vanilla, and oak, from the aging in American oak barrels. A medium to full-bodied wine with a good balance of fruit and tannins.

I picked up a bottle of this Cabernet at my local Total Wine & More (my second home). I would like to give a special thanks to wine guru, Patrick, over at Total Wine, for taking the time to give me the 411 on this wine and the Central Coast of California. He doesn’t even know it yet, but we are now wine besties (just look at our cute picture below). If you ever stop by the Total Wine in Miami Beach, make sure to ask for Patrick and say hi. I also recommend checking out his wine blog Words About Wine.


Pick up a bottle of this Cabernet for your holiday gatherings or any last minute gifts (you won’t regret it). And don’t forget to keep stopping by here to get the winedown on my top, value-priced wines (like if I need another reason to buy wine).