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Hello, I’m Nat

I’m not a fan of keeping things bottled up. In 2015, following a trying time in both my personal and professional life, I decided to share my story with the online world through blogging with a little help from wine. What started as a personal outlet turned into so much more. By owning my story and sharing it, I began to heal from my past and evolved into the woman I now empower other women to be: unapologetic, authentic, strong and fearless.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I quickly saw the power of women who wine and established my personal brand, Wine With Nat®. I’m just an entrepreneur, or as I like to call myself, a Winepreneur creating businesses in the hope of achieving the lifestyle of my dreams while empowering and bringing women together through wine. 

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#UncorkedConversations video with Patty of The Mad Table


You can either own your story, or your story can own you. If we deny our story, we allow it to define us. Courage is sharing your story with your whole heart and rising above it.

Inspired by food and wine and their ability to bring people together for meaningful conversations, I vlog about #UncorkedConversations with women. Are you ready to be empowered?


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Everything starts with an idea. But in order for ideas to come to life, both a short-term and long-term roadmap that fits your needs and lifestyle has to be created and implemented. Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring to become an entrepreneur? Then you've come to the right place. I offer this affordable 3-month coaching/consulting package to help women confidently follow their dreams. I want women to stand out from the crowd and monetize from their brands and businesses. A branding, public relations and marketing professional by trade with over 10 years experience in corporate america and entrepreneurial ventures, I know from personal experience that launching a brand and business can be challenging, especially with limited resources. This 3-month coaching/consulting package will offer both expert advice and direction, while holding you accountable to achieve your roadmap and goals.


MIami Wine Events

Are you a wine lover looking for Miami wine events? Or are you looking to be a part of a community of women who encourage empowerment? Then you've come to the right place! Make connections while enjoying wine and conversations with the help of this space for wine events. 

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