How To Gift Wine This Holiday Season

'Tis the season for holiday gatherings and wine. I love getting together with family and friends over wine. And I especially love receiving wine as a gift (hint, hint). I was recently approached by Erik Sunset with Right Price Wine to chime in on his post "How To Give Wine As A Gift" along with 17 other wine experts, influencers, and sommeliers.

Right Price Wine asked us two questions. Check out my responses below and hear what the rest had to wine about here. Madeline Puckette with Wine Folly and Ashley with Women Who Love Wine also chimed in (I’m a huge fan of both of them).

When you give wine as a gift what do you like to give?

To me, wine is an experience.  I love how wine brings people together, especially during the holidays.  I usually gift wines that I have tried and like, unless I know what the person likes.  I always recommend visiting local wine shops and talking to staff.  I stay away from wines that appeal to a very specific audience.  And, since I'm all about the detail, I usually like to add a wine tote with character.

What is an appropriate amount to spend on 1 bottle as a gift?

It depends on who I'm gifting the wine to, but there are a great selection of wines out there that are under $30.  California wines are having great momentum (I'm a fan.)

Bogle Essential Red

I'm a huge fan of Bogle Essential Red. Pictured here is the 2013 vintage. I also recommend the 2012 and 2014 vintage. You can pick up a bottle of Essential Red for under $15 and it's a great welcoming and easy drinking wine, which is why I recommend it for gatherings and gifts. And at such a great price, you can even pick up their Pinot Noir and a bottle for yourself (you're welcome)! 

Winemaker Notes

Bogle winemakers have brought together four distinct varietals to create Essential Red.

This blend of Old Vine Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah has created a ripe and mouthfilling wine.  Richly textured fruit of dark berries and black plums is nuanced by the flavors of juniper and dried herbs. The juicy, jammy fruit is framed with spicy cedar and hints of pipe tobacco and cocoa as the American oak lingers through the aging of 12 long months.  Luscious from start to finish, this wine is easy to drink, but impossible to forget.  

To learn more about Bogle Vineyards and Bogle Family, click here

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you and yours a wine-tastic holiday season. Cheers!