TEN Spring Water: How to Stay Hydrated While Boozing

When TEN Spring Water reached out to me, I immediately thought, ‘Let’s do this!’ Because sometimes I wine and sometimes I booze. I don’t have to be an expert to know that we need to stay hydrated while boozing.

TEN alkaline spring water is rich in alkaline minerals and electrolytes. It offers the highest pH of any bottled water brands on the market (10 pH). Wait for it…I had no idea what alkaline spring water was or that some bottled waters have more pH than others. I just drink a lot of water (and wine and cocktails). Aside from living in Miami where it’s mostly hot year-round, I also workout, so I have to stay hydrated.

Hydrate Before & While Boozing

One for one

TEN Spring Water-Miami Wine Blogger & Influencer

They say that alcohol strips water from the body, so to prevent dehydration drink agua (water) all night long. Experts recommend alternating between a drink and a glass of water. This “one for one” is also supposed to reduce the chance of waking up with a hangover. Dehydration causes headaches, so stay hydrated or you’ll be waking up like one of my favorite memes. (I’ve been there).

Start with water

Experts also say that even though you drink a glass of water between drinks, it will have little to no benefit if you are not hydrated before boozing. So get your H20 on before you start drinking.

Add water

Choose alcoholic beverages that have some water. Instead of asking for drinks on the rocks, water it down with some water. Many liquor-lovers like adding water to whiskey, but some sommeliers believe that adding a splash or two of water can improve the flavor of high-alcohol wines. Don’t act like you’ve never put an ice cube in your wine (we fancy).

Drink up before bed

TEN Spring Water-Miami Wine Blogger & Influencer

Drank last night…forgot to put water by the bed. I know I’m not the only one that has woken up during the middle of the night thirsty and regretting not having put water by the bed. There’s a reason for that. A night of boozing can dehydrate us. So hydrate before bed to prevent a hangover and morning-after headache.

My TEN Spring Water Experience

I experienced TEN spring water for myself. It was refreshing and tasted good. It’s also available at my local grocery store, Publix (cheers to that). Aside from being rich with essential alkaline minerals and electrolytes, TEN has a higher pH, just like water found in the purest glaciers. Here’s why you should be drinking TEN before and while boozing (and always).

1.     Sourced from natural springs, never from a municipal (tap) water source

2.     Stable pH — tested to hold pH in the bottle for a minimum of 2 years

3.     BPA-free bottle

To learn more about TEN spring water, visit their website here.