I'm not a fan of keeping things bottled up.

My name is Natalie Leon, and I’m a Cuban-American living in Miami. A branding, marketing and public relations professional by trade, I decided to follow the lifestyle of my dreams as a winepreneur, because I've always been an entrepreneur at heart. In 2015, and with the support of my life and business partner (my husband), I decided to share my story with the online world through blogging with a little help from wine. From “wounded healer”, to innovative empowerment for others, #UncorkedConversations with women was born. I turned life’s circumstances and a love of wine into purpose-driven brands and business ventures aimed at empowering and bringing women together through wine.

I kicked off my career at a local Miami PR agency and then moved onto The Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. In 2009, during the economic crisis, I was courageous enough to launch NAT-PR, INC., a boutique ‘a la carte’ Public Relations & Events Management firm. I recognized the challenges that businesses encountered in obtaining public relations firms at a fair budget with proven results. One of my biggest accomplishments during that time was NAT-PR’s signature event, Get Connected, an event with over 500 attendees that offered all South Florida professionals a networking platform to build relationships. I was featured on NBC 6 South Florida, BizBash, Selecta Magazine and IN FOCUS Magazine. In 2011, I was awarded "Publicist/PR Executive of the Year" by BizBash.

My Story

I lost my mother to domestic violence and watched my father receive the murder conviction. Several years later, I forgave my father. I had to raise my younger brother after experiencing family problems. Just a few weeks apart, both my husband and I became unemployed after our wedding, and my health took a turn for the worse.

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I’m grateful for my story because it led me to this moment. I am now on a mission to empower and bring women together through the power of my voice and wine, while making wine education an enjoyable experience.

Featured on CBS Miami and awarded "Miami Women Who Rock 2016" by Miami Women Who Rock and "Best Local Blogger 2016" by South Florida Bloggers, I am here to be an inspiration for others, one wine glass at a time.