You’re probably wondering what Wine With Nat™ is all about? Created by Natalie Leon, Wine With Nat™ is a lifestyle brand aimed at inspiring and bringing real-life women together through real conversations and wine.

Miami Wine Lovers getting together at one of our Women Who Wine Events 

By using adversity to my advantage, I decided to go after the lifestyle of my dreams through blogging and winepreneurship. What began as an attempt to heal through writing, with a little help from wine, evolved into something very special –a better version of me and two wine-spirational brands.

Your Inspirational Wine Blogger

As a result of inspirational blogging and loving wine, the first Inspirational Wine Blogger emerged. With the support of my biggest blessing and business partner, my husband, I was able to embark on this journey on November of 2015. It all started with a blog and some personal stories from my past. Courage begins by sharing our story and letting the real us been seen.

My Story 

I lost my mother to domestic violence and watched my father receive the murder conviction. Several years later, I forgave my father. I had to raise my younger brother after experiencing family problems. Just a few weeks apart, both my husband and I became unemployed after our wedding, and my health took a turn for the worse.

Despite periods of misfortune, I rose strong, which is why I aim to bring women together through real conversations and vulnerable moments while enjoying wine. My Women Who Wine™ brand and events offer like-minded women and Miami wine lovers (the goal is to go national) a platform to come together and learn about wine in an enjoyable way.

Online Wine Blogger, Wine With Nat

Inspired by food and wine, and their ability to bring people together, I blog about food and wine. My philosophy is, “what’s good food, wine and travel if you can’t share it?” I, for one, am working hard to do more wine-ding down around the world.

With a grateful heart, I am thankful for everyone supporting my journey. To learn more about me and my professional bio, read here.

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